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Please welcome the newest addition to our team

Pa Soua Xiong, MD

Dr. Xiong comes from a large family of 12 children (second oldest), which was very typical of Hmong families in the 90's. She has always had an interest in women's health, pediatrics, and adolescents. Her love for medicine grew as she was taking care of her own family and continues to grow as she meets people in the medical field that reminds her of them. Dr. Xiong is a huge believer of patient education and getting patients 100% involved in their own healthcare decision-making. Her hobbies include spending time with her two daughters and thoughtful husband. In her free time she also enjoys gardening whenever the time permits. 

Dr. Xiong starts practicing in our Grass Valley Family Practice office as of August 1st, 2019. We encourage anyone who would like to become a new patient to fill out our new patient application and send it into our office. 

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